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Q. How much does it cost to record one song?

A. There is really no set answer. There are a number of factors that come into play when recording a song, such as:

            • Genre (Hip hop is a lot faster to record then rock)

            • How well rehearsed the band or act is. Do you know the songs inside and out? Because you should.

            • Is the song complete? By this I mean, is the solo not written yet or are the harmonies not figured

              out? This kind of stuff will slow production to a halt.

Q. Do you do recording packages?

A. It depends. For a full album I can build an estimate and give you a discount based on the number of songs, then we can determine a set price for your project.

Q. Do you make beats/tracks?

A. Nope. But I know people who do and can put you in touch with them.

Q. What should I bring / do for our tracking session?

A. Yourself and your instruments or tracks.  In addition I like these things in advance to prep and make your session go as smoothly as possible:

               • Lyric sheets for each song. It makes vocal overdubs go easier when I know where we are in the song.

               • Song Keys, tempos and measure counts if there are tempo changes in a song.

               • Band equipment list: Drums and cymbals, guitars, basses, amps and number of vocals.

Q. Do you require a deposit? Do you have a payment plan?

     A.     It depends and yes. If were only doing a couple of hours worth of work then no deposit is necessary. For bigger projects or projects that require use of a studio a 25% deposit is required.  The payment plan is simple. Once I give you an estimate on a project, you pay only the deposit and we can start working as soon as you want. You can pay some or nothing every time we work together until the completion of the project. You will only be able to take low quality “toned” mixes until the project is completely paid for. Once the project is paid you will get full quality mixes, performance tracks and DVD’s with all of your sessions (Masters).

     A.     Why aren't my songs as loud as “Commercial CD’s”? Can you make my song loud?

A. Ahhh, the Loudness war.  Well, it’s over and quality won.  The reason the songs I send you will not be loud is because I am not a mastering engineer. Loud is the mastering engineers job. But yes, if you like I can send you a loud version as well.  But a mastering engineer will make it sound better then I will. So I highly recommend that route.

Q. What kind of equipment are you running in your personal studio? Can you really achieve studio quality at home?  

A. Studio quality is a subjective term, but honestly you will not hear a difference.

Recording FAQ

Art Guillermo Jr.

Audio Engineer/Producer