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I offer three options for tracking to best suit your budget.

• Studio - We track at a local studio; determined by your budget and or needs. This option costs the most.

• Personal Studio - We track at my personal studio Trans-Plant. We can achieve a comparable sound for a fraction of the cost. This option is the least expensive.

• Hybrid - We track the drums and guide tracks at a local studio and the overdubs at Trans-Plant. This offers you the best "Bang for your Buck”.


Mixing is a little more straight forward. I mix all projects at my personal studio Trans-Plant. If you wish to mix at a local studio we can but the cost will be significantly higher. If it is in your budget and you would prefer to, we can mix at my personal studio and then take your project to a local studio to do any final tweaks that you may wish to do.  

I prefer not to do mastering. I have mastering engineers that I work with who are better equipped to do this task. If mastering is not in your budget, I definitely have the ability to make it sound close enough.



Studio Gear


Macbook pro

USB3 SSD Session Drives


Universal Audio Apollo 8

Universal Audio Apollo 8


5 - Focal Alpha 65  (5.1 surround)

Pair of Genelec 8020

KRK 10in subwoofer

Coleman surround Monitor

Mic Preamps

Universal Audio 610

12- Universal Audio Unison Mic Pre's

2- AEA RPQ500 Ribbon Mic Pre's

AIR Corp Mic Pre

Radial Labs JDI Direct Box's


Custom Built1176LN (Blackface)

UAD OCTO DSP Processor

Control Surface

Euphonix MC Mix and MC Transport


1 - Peluso 2247

2 - Royer 121 Ribbon Mics

1 - AEA a840 Ribbon Mic

1 - Audio-Tecnica 8537

2 - Sennheiser 421MD

1 - AKG 451

1 - AKG D112

2 - Rode NT2

1 - Shure SM7

1-  Shure SM57

1 - Sennheiser E835

1 - Homemade Subkick

Instruments and Amps

Gretsch Catalina Club 4 piece Drum Kit

with Paiste AAX Cymbals

Fender MIM Jazz Bass (Customized)

MAudio Axiom 49 MIDI Controler

Novation iMPULSE 25 MIDI Controller


Taylor 214ce Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Ashdown 610 Bass Amp with Ashdown 2x10" and Eden 18" Cabinets

Egnator Rebel 30 MKII Guitar Head

Art Guillermo Jr.

Audio Engineer/Producer